14 12, 2011

Pros and Cons of Energy Gels


Carbohydrates are condensed into gels that provide energy for exercise and promote recovery and these are convenient to consume and the energy provided is immediate. Energy gels are used by endurance athletes such as cyclists and runners. While exercising for hours, these athletes need to consume fuel for energy and [...]

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14 12, 2011

Alternatives to Sports Drinks


Sports drinks are not just consumed by athletes but the general population may drink them because they taste nice or because they need additional energy, but they could contain excess calories that will be burnt off by the athletes and turned to fat on the sedentary person. Although these drinks [...]

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25 08, 2010

The Optimum Diet for Runners


Running at your best requires you to eat at your best. Healthy, nutritious food. Here's our guide to eating an optimum diet to get the best performance for running as possible. An Overall Strategy The food you put in your body is absolutely crucial to your running performance.  Whether you [...]

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