Individuals who suffer foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, a condition in which the ligament running along the bottom of the foot becomes painfully inflamed, often find night splints among the most effective treatments.

If you want to skip my article and get to my recommendation, I put it below. If you want more information on night splints and why they are, in my opinion, one of the better treatments for plantar fasciitis, keep on reading.

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Swede-O Deluxe Padded Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

One of the most common complaints about plantar fasciitis is that the foot ligament contracts during the night while the individual is sleeping, causing morning pain and stiffness. The purpose of night splints is to keep the ligament gently stretched while the individual is sleeping in order to eliminate the tightness, tenderness and soreness that builds up in the foot while it is immobile during the night.

A night splint is a device worn to partially cover the foot and leg affected by plantar fasciitis. The device is strapped onto the foot and leg for overnight wear in order to keep the plantar fascia ligament stretched out during the night to prevent it from tightening up and causing pain when the individual stands on it the next morning.

There are several types of night splints used to treat plantar fasciitis. Some look like a soft long stocking while others look like a stripped-down ski boot. Whether the night splint is soft sided or has a hard structure to it, the guiding principle is to keep the foot and Achilles tendon in a slightly stretched and flexible position.

Night splints have gotten high marks from many plantar fasciitis sufferers who find the device successful at eliminating or at least greatly reducing the heel pain and overall foot soreness that ensues after a night’s rest and the body’s full weight is placed upon the affected foot for the first time in 7 or 8 hours. Most plantar fasciitis sufferers report that morning pain and stiffness in the foot is noticeably improved after wearing the splint for just a few nights.

My personal recommendation is the Swede-O Deluxe Padded Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint (as listed above). Why? It’s not the cheapest but it’s by far the most comfortable of the bunch you can find on Amazon. I know plenty of people with plantar fasciitis who highly recommend this specific model.

Night splints for plantar fasciitis are an excellent treatment for this foot disorder for a number of reasons. Night splints do not conflict with prescribed pain medication, they are relatively simple to wear without interfering with sleep patterns, they can be worn for long periods without causing discomfort, they eventually also strengthen the arch of the foot, and they have a very high success rate for eliminating pain and inflammation within 3 to 8 weeks of nightly usage.

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