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Karhu was founded in Finland in 1916.  In 1930 they started making running shoes for marathoners and the company has been thriving on their slogan “Finland’s legendary running brand” ever since.  This is a run centric brand that’s been about forward momentum since the moment it was founded.

Price Range

As a serious brand, Karhu doesn’t cut corners with their technology, build, or on the details. This is reflected in their price, but they still manage to make affordable shoes for what you get.  Every shoe in Karhu’s collection is made for both men and women so it’s easy to shop through their collection.  The least expensive Karhu shoe is around $49 and called the Steady Fulcrum Ride.  It’s a stable, well made shoe designed for specifically for runners with a hard heel strike on the road.

Karhu’s most expensive offering is the $139.99 Strong Fulcrum RideThis $139.99 stability shoe received a Runner’s World Best Debut Award when it was first released

Most Popular Models

Karhu’s most popular seller is its Strong Fulcrum Ride.  The shoe has only been around since 2009 but when it received the Best Debut Award it was well deserved.  This shoe boasts excellent support and stability. Another popular seller is the Women’s Strong Ride Running shoes

Another popular Karhu offering is the Racer, a lightweight and minimal shoe that’s aligned with the barefoot movement.  In addition to being one of the most stylish shoes in the lineup, it is also comfortable with a nice traction sole to keep you moving through any weather.

Advantages of Karhu

Karhu does one thing and does it extremely well: they make damn good running shoes. All of their attention is on running shoes always.

Although much of the American population hasn’t heard of Karhu, the brand is extremely well known throughout running communities throughout the world.  Karhus is also reputably reliable and highly looked upon throughout Europe. I have a lot of running friends who are Karhu freaks.  They adore the comfort and feel of the shoe and wouldn’t trade their brand for the world.

Although Karhu only offers a limited number of styles, they vary for different kinds of runners.

Disadvantages of Karhu

A lot of people wish Karhu would offer a trail running shoe but they don’t.  They also only make six running shoes in total.  There’s no doubt they are focused, but sometimes people ask for more choices.

Overall Comfort

Karhu struggled initially with offering shoes that are true to size.  They seem to have worked out the kinks though, and they design a masterfully comfortable shoe.  Like any running shoe, Karhu’s require a bit of breaking in, but after a few miles they’re one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.  Many say this is the result of the brand’s Patented Fulcrum Technology, their secret weapon that propels the body forward with the momentum of the runner.


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