If you care about your foot health, you may want to consider buying a pair of orthotic inserts. Not only can they make walking and running a more comfortable experience, but they can potentially reduce the chances of future foot pain issues.

What Are They?

Orthotic insoles are devices designed to be placed inside footwear in order to help either correct some deficiency or condition or offer added support to the foot. If feet are out of alignment or out of balance in some fashion, orthotic insoles can eliminate pain and discomfort in addition to helping realign the posture of the body while walking or standing.

Orthotic insoles are available over the counter at shoe stores and drug stores, in addition to being custom fitted by an othotics specialist. Over the counter orthotic insoles can offer shock absorption and a certain degree of cushioning, but are not as beneficial to the wearer as insoles that are custom fitted.Custom fitted orthotic insoles are molded to fit the unique foot of the user. They are beneficial at correcting abnormalities in a person’s gait, can offer support and comfort while the feet are healing from injury, can provide pain relief for such conditions as plantar fasciitis, and can also help the feet support the spine and rest of the body correctly to avoid pain and future injury.

Why You Should Use Them

They Reduce Impact Shock: Orthotic insoles not only cushion the soles of the feet from the constant pressure and shock of walking, they also help to ensure that the body’s overall weight is correctly distributed over both feet and legs. Using orthotic insoles is much like tuning up the engine of a car. Once the orthotic insole is correctly in place, every curve of the foot is now properly aligned. Orthotic insoles provide a new framework onto which previously misshapen or malformed feet can adjust so that there is no unnatural stressing or straining happening when an individual is walking or running.

They Can Help with Foot Pain: Especially for those with congenital foot defects, chronic foot problems or chronic foot pain issues, custom fitted orthotic insoles can be the best investment. For those with a mild injury or temporary foot problem, off the rack orthotic insoles can provide an affordable solution to a temporary problem.

They Are More Affordable Than Orthotic Footwear: Orthotic insoles are also more affordable to use than purchasing custom made orthotic footwear in which the entire shoe is designed to conform to the wearer’s foot. Whether over the counter or custom made, orthotic insoles are an excellent investment in benefiting foot health.

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