Forget TV, Your Guide To Finding Fitness Videos Anytime Online

The days of specifically scheduling your day around your favorite television fitness program ended when you got your first TiVo or DVR, but now that television viewing habits are changing yet again, you have more on demand access to fitness than ever before.

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Whether you can’t remember to record your favorite fitness or if you’ve gotten rid of your television set for good, you can still get access to some decent at home workout programs. Here is your guide to resources for workouts online and on demand.

The Basic Gist

If you’re looking for free online workout videos online there’s plenty of choices for content. Finding high quality videos can prove difficult though, and depending on your budget you may want to invest in a workout website that delivers content on demand. If you have to choose between eating healthy or sacrificing something to pay for fitness videos though, a little more time searching will return fruitful results. The ratings and reviews will below will cover fitness video content for people with all kinds of priorities.

The Reviews of Fitness Websites with Video Content


Price: Free, Some Paid Content

Overall Rating: 10/10

This online exercise channel delivers video workouts from a whole list of resources. Whether you’re looking for cardio, dance, interval training, or just a killer ab workout, the category specific drop down menu delivers on demand access to workouts from a variety of resources.

Workouts vary between a couple minutes or an entire half hour, and users can rate all of the videos. There’s enough content to keep you going for absolutely nothing more than a broadband connection, but serious devotees can buy downloads for specific videos.

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 8/10

Zuzana targets young, in-shape women for her workout tips and videos both on her personal website and on YouTube. People who follow her blog will get a taste of her life narrative, but it’s just as easy to find her on YouTube and follow along from there. Zuzana’s workouts are high powered and she offers solid instruction on some great exercises. The wobbly camerawork might annoy some, but her accent makes up for it and this is a great, free place for solid workout videos on demand.

Demand Sports

Price: $1 Trail Membership, $9.99 – $19.96 Per Month

Overall Rating: 8/10

This well designed site offers a clean interface for quickly finding beginner to advanced fitness workouts on demand. You can choose from an arsenal of almost 300 videos in different categories, but won’t be able to really work out until you fork over some money. In fact, you have to give them your information just to access a taste of what they’re all about. It’s hard to pay for fitness videos when you can find them online for free, but if you don’t care about spending some money then this is definitely a reputable place to start the day.


Price: From $1+

Overall Rating: 8/10

This UK based fitness site hosts a blog along with a resource for video fitness sessions. The site offers free short previews of their on demand videos (as well as a short list of completely free workouts), but if you want access to the entire thing you’ll receive access to a variety of videos for all levels of expertise.


Price: Free

Overall Rating: 8/10 is an online resource specializing in helping people lose weight. The site’s YouTube channel features a long list of workout videos and diet tips worth integrating into your workout. The site doesn’t offer the whole shebang in terms of music pumped workout with the instructor routines, but they’ll certainly teach you how to target certain muscle groups and do specific exercises correctly.


Price: $2.75 – $3.25 in the First Month, More After That

Overall Rating: 6/10

This paid online resource targets a wide audience with mediocre quality videos (the screen resolution is hardly professional) from young personal trainers to older women who still have it. This isn’t the best resource out there, but it does the job and the samples they put online are nice so you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign up.

For a limited time, you can get a free video when you like Workouts On Demand on Facebook.

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 5/10

Even though this workout site has a high search ranking for words like “fitness video online,” this is a pretty amateur resource. The site takes you through healthy eating and getting fit with a woman named Rumi. It’s nice to feel like you’re in it with another woman and she offers some good content, but the videos are totally and completely homemade.

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