27 01, 2017

How to (Really) Get Rid of Shin Splints


Shin splints is one of the most common running injuries and is an important reminder to exercise in a truly healthy way rather than beginning too fast, expecting too much of your body, and not giving yourself enough time to recover. Whether you are a runner for pleasure or competition [...]

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3 10, 2016

Ultimate Guide to the Best Running Shoes of 2016


Running shoes can make or break your run. The wrong shoes will give you blisters, shin splints, flare up your plantar fasciitis, or have your body aching more than it should after you are done. By purchasing the best running shoes for your foot or run type, you can avoid [...]

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8 09, 2015

Best Running Shoes (Updated 2015)


Whether your training season is about to begin, your current shoes are wearing out, or you're just looking to spice things up, picking the right running shoe should be a well thought out decision. Most people just go to their local running shop or sporting store without doing any prior [...]

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8 09, 2015

Best Nike Running Shoes


A company that has deep roots in American culture from both a business and running background, Nike is truly a leader in the running (and business) world. Starting as just a two man operation distributing other brands' shoes, this company exponentially grew through ground breaking innovation. So much so, that [...]

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