4 09, 2016

How to Train for a Marathon


For you, running a marathon may be about a personal accomplishment, testing your limits, or a hobby that you love to do. No matter what the reason you want to run a marathon, you need to train properly for it first. Proper training for a marathon will allow you to [...]

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24 11, 2010

Amazing Feats of Endurance Running


Whether you’re in the running world or not, you’ve probably met an ultra distance runner at some point in your life.  The sport is fairly new, but it seems to be growing in popularity as more people achieve unthinkable feats.  Here are a few of our favorite moments in the [...]

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7 10, 2010

The Best Running Playlists for Every Kind of Runner


There’s no doubt that we respond to music during exercise.  Look at the floods of iPod wielding runners on your local running path for proof.  Then if you’re still not convinced look to the science. In a study published in 2009 a group of cyclists found that they performed better [...]

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16 09, 2010

75 Useful Twitter Feeds for Runners


They say one of the best methods for staying motivated as a runner is to follow the running scene.  Surround yourself with runners and running culture that not only keeps you running, but also keeps you in the know.  Here is our list of 100 great Twitter feeds to follow [...]

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24 08, 2010

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Run


Staying motivated.  Sometimes it’s the most important piece of becoming a great runner.  Burning out or just forgetting why you started running in the first place happens all the time, so here are a few tricks to keep you on track and in shape. Set Goals. Whether you have a [...]

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