Best Saucony Running Shoes

With stores all over America and Europe, this brand is growing in technical expertise and popularity. This American brand has mushroomed since its origins in 1898 at Kutztown, Pennsylvania. From the shores of the Saucony Creek to a take over by Hyde Athletic Industries in the 1960s, this brand now specialises in apparel and shoes.

There are many types of shoes for all foot types and the range of colors and styles has grown since the early shoe models. Like all the shoe brands, Saucony has names for certain of the features on the shoes. There are also different models such as Kinvara, Peregrine and Hattori that are made for various running needs. ProGrid refers to the cushioning technology that absorbs impact and dissipates shock. The newer version is lighter and sets the foot up for a smooth transition and it called Lite for obvious reasons. The HRC Strobel Board is a design that increases cushioning and comfort in the shoe. Response-Tek is also a feature of Saucony as is the Arch Lock.

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Guide to the Best Saucony Running Shoes

These shoes have been popular among runners for years and the newer models stay popular. Trail and minimalist shoes are proving to be profitable for Saucony as they widen their products in the athletic market.

ProGrid Peregrine

Saucony manufactures trail, road and track shoes and all surfaces are covered by this company. Minimalist shoes are gaining popularity and the ProGrid Peregrine low profile trail shoes that weigh 9.1 ounces are a favorite. These barefoot running shoes are popular among trail runners more than traditional road runners. Multi-directional lugs keep the runner grounded on surfaces that are rocky and rough and the traction created by the sticky rubber underfoot enhances stability.  Runner’s World voted this shoe as the best trail blazer in 2011 as the trail running craze grows. Saucony has developed along with the trail running craze and has listened to the needs of runners who have forsaken the road for the mountains and forests. There is also a need for shoes that are comfortable on all terrains and Saucony is designing these shoes.


The Hattori is unique as it is Saucony’s first “zero-drop” shoe. This means that it is not graded at all and the back half is the same level as the forefoot as opposed to the traditional shoe that is 12mm higher at the heel to prevent excessive forces going through the heel. Instead of laces, the Hattori has velcro lockdown tabs to prevent sliding and blisters. The foot can breathe through the ultralite mesh and there are funky colors of pink and black for ladies. There has been a demand for “zero-drop” shoes since the invention of minimalist shoes, but manufacturers have been hesitant to place such an unsupported shoe on the market for fear of injury. Runners need to gradually break in this shoe that will change their gait for the better.


Saucony offers racing shoes and spikes and these shoes are designed for different surfaces and different running styles. Shoes such as the PowerGrid Cortana focus on adequate cushioning and have features such as the IBR+ outsole for flexible grip, and the SRC Impact zone for a soft foot strike and landing. There are comfort features such as the hydrator collar lining for moisture management. The Sauc-fit holds the foot securely to prevent movement that causes blisters, black toe nails and hardened skin. Support is created by the PowerGrid with Powerfoam that provides lightweight cushioning.

Traditional road running shoes have been around since the beginning and the upgrades provide better technology for comfort and improved performance

ProGrid Kinvara

The ProGrid Kinvara is voted as one of the best neutral running shoes for the Outside Gear of the Year award in 2011 and it is fashionable and the orange shoe is eye catching. There are also less bright colors for runners who are more conservative. This light shoe weighs only 7.7 ounces and the minimal midsole construction makes it flexible and yielding, but there is still protection from hard surfaces. The ladies shoe is even lighter  and the premium sockliner  keeps the stones and the water out.

ProGrid Mirage

Saucony is also creating new shoes and the ProGrid Mirage is voted as the 2011 Runner’s World Best Debut shoe. This shoe is suited to runners who overpronate slightly and the shoe is responsive to the movement of the foot and guides the heel to prevent excessive rolling. The premium sockliner adds support and keeps the ground out and the comfort inside the shoe so it can be worn without socks. The shoe weighs 224 grams and there are constantly improvements and new designs that will improve as this shoe develops.


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