Best Adidas Running Shoes

Known as the brand with the three stripes, Adidas has a loyal following that will only buy their shoes. Adidas AG is a German sports apparel manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group. This group owns the Reebok sportswear company, Rockport and other companies that make it the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The story began in 1948 when Adolf (Adi) Dassler and his brother Rudolf decided to make their own sports shoes in their mother’s kitchen. After much experimentation and arguing, his brother started his own company which later become Puma and they were rivals. Adidas was registered in 1949 by Adi Dassler and it is still based in Germany.

Adidas has technology that is specific to the shoe and the Formotion design adapts to the ground and keeps the runner moving forward in a comfortable movement. It keeps the runner moving forward in the most efficient way. AdiPrene refers to the cushioning technology that absorbs impact and this technology is present in most of the running shoes as the cushioning in the most important aspect of this sport that is filled with impact. Torsion is the midfoot design and support that is also aimed at improving the stability of the foot.

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Adidas is a concept that has its own technology and followers, including sports teams and professional athletes who find the shoes comfortable and the clothes trendy.

Guide to the Best Addidas Running Shoes

AdiStar Salvation 3  

The AdiStar Salvation 3 has the Adidas technology mentioned above and the shoe adapts to the terrain with each movement of the foot. These shoes are designed for the overpronator and the new Formotion technology enhances the athlete’s performance. It prevents excessive movement of the foot within the shoe. The women’s model has an external heel stabilizer that acts as a cuff and cushion for the heel that keeps it in place and also prevents excessive shearing movements. The Zone Transition manages the natural ground contact of the foot that reduces energy wastage. The EL-07 last is manufactured to be comfortable around the foot and there is additional toe spring that will help get the foot off the ground during the launching or push off phase. This lift off power helps to add height on the first and last steps of the run.

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AdiStar Ride 3

The AdiStar Ride 3 is the replacement for the AdiStar Cushion 6 and the Formotion contributes to a comfortable shoe at all angles from bottom to the top that is a seamless mesh upper. The anti-microbial sockliner keeps the shoe fresh for longer and prevents bacteria from getting into the shoe that weighs only 12.3 ounces. The seamless mesh upper is light and the stitched-on microsuede ensures optimal forefoot support. There is more AdiPRENE in the forefoot and this helps with the toe spring function. The GEOFIT is added to be the most comfortable shoe for the wearer and the FitFOAM midsole adds comfort and it consists of a visco-elastic rebound foam that is madeto go the distance with the runner without the shoe looking worn out. The midfoot is supported by the Torsion system, while the AdiPrene is at the heel where there is much impact to absorb. To add to the durability of the shoe, the AdiLite lasting is inserted and the AdiWear outsole protects the shoe from the outside. The rubber outsole creates traction on all surfaces and makes the shoe more durable.

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Supernova Sequence 4

The Supernova Sequence 4 is the replacement for the Supernova Control 10. This shoe is designed for overpronators and has all the Adidas technologies such as GEOFIT construction, AdiPrene cushioning and Torsion midfoot support. It is a popular shoe among runners who tend to overpronate.

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Supernova Glide 3

The Supernova Glide 3 has the technological features of Adidas such as Formotion, AdiPrene, GEOFIT and Torsion. The shoe is comfortable and the stitched-on microsuede upper fits around the forefoot and flex zones like a supportive foot glove without sweating or tightness. The molded respoEVA sockliner also has a fitted snugness. The shoe is protected by the AdiWear outsole that does not wear away as it is durable and tough on most terrains.

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Adidas Response Trail 18

There are also trail shoes that are available and the Adidas Response Trail 18 shoes will take runners through all places and the Formotion design adds to the smooth transitions between steps and stones. The AdiPrene cushioning and Torsion midfoot support make these shoes absorbant and cushioned on the trails. Another added feature is that the Adidas Response Trail 18 shoes are also miCoach compatible. The miCoach device is a separate product launched by Adidas that consists of a chest strap, pacer and the stride sensor that is strapped to the shoe. There is even a rechargeable battery that connects at any mp3 player. This interactive training solution is a virtual coach that will chat to the runner every step of the way and monitors cadence, speed and distance. Training programs can be found at and then loaded to the miCoach Pacer that will give instructions. This works in real time and there are no delays with heart rate measurement and coaching cues. Along the with developments in running technologies and features of the shoes, there are other products such as the miCoach package that will improve the performance of serious runners.

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ProGrid Mirage

Adidas has a range of CC Ride running shoes that are light and trendy. The mesh upper has Climacool ventilation that keeps the foot cool from all angles and this is a great technological breakthrough by Adidas. The entire foot remains ventilated throughout the run and the runner will not get excessively hot. The AdiPrene in the forefoot assists to lift the foot off the ground to get the forward motion going well and the AdiPrene technology is also inserted under the heel for support and impact reduction. The inside of the shoe is fitted with nonwoven fabric lining to reduce friction and improve breathability. Climacool is a very popular Adidas technology that is a selling factor in the shoes.

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