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13 08, 2015

8 Gym Workout Tips That Will Make You a Better Runner


Principles for Designing the Best Workout I had a good running friend for a time who dedicated at least an hour a day, five days per week to her sport.  She ran marathons but couldn’t do a push up.  She ran through snow and air quality alerts to stay consistent, [...]

8 Gym Workout Tips That Will Make You a Better Runner2016-11-26T08:45:49+00:00
25 08, 2010

The Optimum Diet for Runners


Running at your best requires you to eat at your best. Healthy, nutritious food. Here's our guide to eating an optimum diet to get the best performance for running as possible. An Overall Strategy The food you put in your body is absolutely crucial to your running performance.  Whether you [...]

The Optimum Diet for Runners2016-11-26T08:46:05+00:00
24 08, 2010

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Run


Staying motivated.  Sometimes it’s the most important piece of becoming a great runner.  Burning out or just forgetting why you started running in the first place happens all the time, so here are a few tricks to keep you on track and in shape. Set Goals. Whether you have a [...]

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Run2016-11-26T08:46:05+00:00
23 08, 2010

Best Shoes for Marathon Runners


When it’s your shoes, the pavement, and 26.2 miles between you and the finish line, you don’t want to have to worry about your shoes. Here’s a guide to picking the best shoes for your next long race to the finish line. Shoes Aren’t One Size Fits All Beginning runners [...]

Best Shoes for Marathon Runners2016-11-26T08:46:05+00:00
17 08, 2010

How to Train for a 5K Run


Running a 5K is an exhilarating experience.  For beginners it can be the first step toward falling in love with the adrenaline of racing and all the excitement that’s associated with the sound of the start gun.  Many runners will tell you that the 5K was their gateway race, the [...]

How to Train for a 5K Run2016-11-26T08:46:05+00:00
13 08, 2010

Recommended Run Training Times for New Runners


If you’ve just made the commitment to start running you probably look longingly at the people who float by effortlessly and wonder, “When will I have such a natural gait? How long until that’s me?” Patience my friend, these things come in time.  Even if you can’t run for very [...]

Recommended Run Training Times for New Runners2016-11-26T08:46:06+00:00
6 08, 2010

The Number One Mistake Marathon Newbies Make


I have been a hard core runner for over 10 years.  I’ve run distances from the 5k to the marathon.  I’ve had the good fortune of learning the dos and don’ts from some fantastic people.  However, I’ve learned just as much, if not more, from observing the mistakes of many [...]

The Number One Mistake Marathon Newbies Make2016-11-26T08:46:06+00:00