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Athletic apparel powerhouse Adidas makes everything from shorts to visors.  The wide range of options is fitting considering the fact that the name Adidas known to come from the acronym, “all day I dream about sports,” and the highly successful Adidas running department is only getting bigger.  Keep reading for the real deal on how Adidas is as a running brand.

Price Range

Adidas running shoes clock in at anywhere from $60 to $470 per pair.  Their $60 Men’s and Women’s shoe is their basic off road Duramo TR running shoe.  The details for by the $470 Run Bounce:Sy’s haven’t been released yet, but we’re dying to know what makes these shoes so special, especially when you consider the fact that their $250 Smart Ride’s have an embedded microcomputer.

Most Popular Models

When it comes to Adidas, popular can mean two things.  Popular can mean cool, innovative and attention getting, or it can mean common, everyday, a staple.    When it comes to the innovative definition, the Adidas Smart Ride is extremely sought after. The $250 shoe has a microcomputer in the midsole that senses every step you take and adjusts to you needs.  You can also preselect options that vary from generous cushioning for long runs to a more responsive race ride.  The very idea of this shoe has garnered the brand a ton of attention, but I’ve never noticed a pair of Smart Rides in the wild so I’m not sure how popular they are with actual buyers.
When it comes to popularity though, I’ve seen a lot of Men’s Supernova Glide 2’s running around.  The classic design, airmesh upper, and stable heel combine to make this a great staple running shoe.
A lot of women, on the other hand, like the adiSTAR ride shoes for their neutral cushioning and classic design.  Adidas’ Stella McCartney line has also been picking up in popularity for its combination of form and function.

Advantages of Adidas

  • Adidas is everywhere.  It’s well known, reputable, and easy to get a hold of.
  • Whether you’re looking for casual shoes, running shorts, or anything else related to athletics, Adidas has a product.
  • Adidas is constantly innovating.  Their internal microchips that adjust the sole of the shoe with terrain were first in their class.  Of course these innovations and new models cost a lot, but who knows what will come next.
  • The Adidas MiCoach is a Nike+ competitor that could do major work in motivating you to run.  It’s a great option for people seeking a virtual running community.
  • The Adidas website does a good job with the basics in guiding people to the shoe they need based on whether they overpronate, underpronate, or have a normal foot.

Disadvantages of Adidas

  • With such a wide range of offering, Adidas hasn’t really established themselves as a true running shoe brand.  Instead they’re seen in the runner’s community as more of a crossover shoe, but this is changing.
  • I can’t say exactly why, and I certainly haven’t seen every model of Adidas ever made, but I’ve seen a lot of Adidas soles come apart in weird places.  The sole at the forefoot tends to peel off, leaving runners (especially those who have done a lot of speedwork in their shoes) with flappy fragments coming off their shoes.

Overall Comfort

Like any brand’s offerings, getting the right Adidas shoe is all about buying the right product for you.  Adidas certainly has a following, and whether you’re looking for lightweight shoes like the Adizero’s or a more stable shoe with definite support, the brand does a lot of consumer research to make sure its consumers are comfortable wherever they go.