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We are marathon runners, athletes, personal trainers, and sprinters here to create the perfect resource for you. We’ve, the writers, have all suffered from Plantar Fasciitis at one point or the other. Our goal here with BeatPlantarFasciitis.com is to create a real, legit resource for runners (and other types) who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and other food pain conditions. We want to provide real solutions — both with comprehensive treatment guides and running shoe recommendations — to help give people the tools to beat plantar fasciitis for good.

As dedicated runners, we also share advice and tips about running in general — both on choosing running shoes, marathon / race training articles, running guides, and training protocals — all to help you become a better runner.

Finding the right running shoes for you is not an easy task – we’ve created a place to help improve not only your athleticism, but your entire lifestyle as well.  BeatPlanterFasciitis.com is also a resource to educate our readers on the successes and the mistakes of experienced professionals.

Throughout our site, you can find shoe reviews, the basics of running shoes, stories & advice on our blog, assessments on different brands, advice on how to deal with plantar fasciitis and OTHER foot injuries and resources for where to buy the best running shoes to meet your needs.  Experienced runners that understand the different needs and uses for running shoes provide all the information on this website.  So run on in to find what you’re looking for…and don’t be afraid to leap into our contact form and reach out to us with questions.