A Guide to Reebok Running Shoes 2016-11-26T08:45:39+00:00

For many it’s a little known fact, but Reebok is actually a subsidiary of Adidas.  The two companies officially joined forces in 2006 but Reebok still has its own identity. The name comes from the Afrikaans spelling of rhebok, a type of African gazelle.

A lot of runners who have been around for awhile seem to think that Reebok has gone off the deep end as an athletic shoe but in a way it feels like the brand is up for a revival.  As of this year Reebok has started to revive their identity with the 15-20 crowd.  In doing so they hope to become the official brand for up and coming elite athletes.

Price Range

. Reebok is an affordable athletic brand for men and women.  Their sale prices run as low as $34.99 right now but their regular priced shoes start at $54.00.  The Overrun DMX is available in both men’s and women’s styles.  It’s a basic running shoe with respectable technology and long lasting comfort at a low price.

Reebok’s most expensive shoe is their Men’s Premier Trinity KFS IV.  This $129.99 shoe comes with wick away upper technology and a flexible fit that reacts to sudden changes in movement.  It’s highly cushioned and ready to move.  The most expensive women’s shoe is ten dollars cheaper at $119.  Their Premier SmoothFit KFS VII has a wick away upper and KineticFit upper that reacts to all your movements.

Most Popular Models

. Ever since Reebok’s Premier Verona KFS II won the Runner’s World Best Debut Shoe Award in 2008 the $95 shoe has been a best seller for the brand.  Other bestsellers include the Men and Women’s Zig Pulse and the RunTone Action.  The Zig Pulse is provides a lightweight soft and springy ride while providing a comfortable fit while the RunTone Action boasts eight air pockets that will get you running stronger and harder by building lower leg muscles.

Advantages of Reebok

  • Though it doesn’t have the same overall awareness as programs like NikeID, Reebok has its own custom design site that lets you create your own custom shoes for delivery within 2-3 weeks.
  • Reebok is currently working with Armani to design an exclusive, innovative running shoe that makes major gains in the design department.
  • Reebok’s overall brand image seems positioned for a resurgence so we might start seeing new, great things from the brand.

Disadvantages of Reebok

  • Reebok has suffered from a few low years that hit their brand image pretty significantly.  Even though it’s a big brand it’s not all that well known as a running brand.
  • Somewhere along the way they became known as not affordable, but cheap.  This seems to be changing though.
  • Word on the street is that Reebok shoes are neither light nor extremely stable.
  • Reebok doesn’t do a great job of educating their consumers on what the difference between Motion Control Shoes are from Stability shoes when it comes to different models in their lineup.

Overall Comfort

.  Reebok tends to have a divided camp in terms of comfort.  I’ve heard people rave and I’ve heard people rant.  Their shoes in the past have always been especially wide and they tend to be a bit heavy for their lack of stability.  For some people though, they love the overall fit as well as the fact that Reeboks tend to last a long time without stretching after use