A Guide to Newton Running Shoes: A Brand Review 2016-11-26T08:45:39+00:00

Newton is a running shoe brand made by runners for runners.  The brand is all about the shoes and serious about feeding the niche of runners.  The shoe was inspired by Newton’s laws of motion that say that something that is in motion will remain in motion until it is acted on by a counter force.  Everything Newton does works within the realm of this law, and so the brand keeps its runners moving forward.

Price Range

Newton running shoes tend to cost a bit more than the typical competitor, but there’s a lot of research that goes into the making of all of their shoes so for a lot of people it’s worth it to spend the extra money.  The brand’s least expensive shoe is the Trail Guidance Trainer, a $139.00 trail running shoe with a strong upper and closed mesh upper that’s resistant to outdoor conditions.

The brand’s most expensive offerings clock in at $175.  The Neutral Performance Trainer, Stability Performance Trainer, and Motion All Weather Performance Trainer are all available for $175.  The Neutral Performance Trainer is for natural runners.  The shoe is durable, breathable, and designed with signifianct heel cushion for heavy heel strikers.

Newton’s Stability Performance Trainer is also called The Motion.  The shoe’s midsole has a high rebound, the medial support combats overpronation, and the advanced rear-foot design maximizes the momentum of the forward roll of the runner’s foot in action.  The All Weather Trainer on the other hand, is a motion hybrid shoe that’s designed to help runner’s get good traction in all weather.  It’s a shoe designed to help the hardcore runner perform all the time.

Most Popular Models

Newton has jumped on board the barefoot running phenomenon with a $149.00 release of the Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac men’s and women’s barefoot racing shoes.  The releases have caught on and now this lightweight neutral shoe is the brand’s biggest seller.

Advantages of Newton

  • Newton makes running shoes and only running shoes.  They focus all their attention on the world of running and therefore release a solid product.
  • The brand has unified in order to help raise awareness and fund research for people with prostate cancer.  To that end, proceeds from the Universal Racer will go to the Athletes for a Cure foundation.
  • Newton also sells books and they’re dedicated to helping educate the runner as much as possible.  It’s easy to tell which shoes are meant for which runner and Newton is extremely clear when it comes to defining their technology.

Disadvantages of Newton

  • Because Newton is designed to capitalize on forward momentum, the shoe is made to help you land on your forefoot as opposed to your heel.  This is a bear for heel strike runners, and so there is a period of adjustment required for some newcomers to the brand.
  • Although some research claims that the forefoot running style causes less injuries, some scientists claim that these types of shoes can cause just as many injuries, especially because it makes the Achilles tendon susceptible to injury.  This is hotly debated though, and it’s important to get the shoe that works for you.

Overall Comfort

Newton shoes are designed especially for runners who subscribe to the Chi Method of running.  Every shoe has patented Newton Action/Reaction Technology that absorbs shock and then propels you forward with every step.  The brand’s shoes tend to fit small and require a bit of breaking in, but once most people find the right pair of Newtons for them there’s no going back.