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Running Shoe Brand Review: Mizuno

The Mizuno brand launched in Japan in 1906 but didn’t make its way to the United States until 1980.  Since the brand jumped overseas its steadily grown in popularity.  Until recent years most people in the US only related Mizuno with cleats, but their running shoe line has recently made it into mainstream running stores and shows promise as a brand that will stay popular (or at least on the radar) in the running community.

Price Range

  • Mizuno presents itself as a quality shoe brand and delivers with price points to match.  Their lowest price shoe is the Wave Nexus 4 and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.  The shoe is a decent piece of support construction that’s SmoothRide engineered with comfort in mind.
  • Mizuno’s most expensive shoe on the rack is the Wave Nirvana, a more sophisticated support shoe to help overpronators.  The shoe costs $139.99 and boasts a Dynamotion Fit meant to maintain optimum fit while the runner is in motion.

Most Popular Models

  • Mizuno’s Wave Creation won Runner’s World Awards in 2002, 2004, and 2006.  The shoe provides excellent cushioning and has been said to help quite a few runners with their varying injuries.
  • Mizuno’s Wave Alchemy 10 has also been jumping off store shelves as of late.  The shoe has a stylish, sound design and received the Best Update Award from Runner’s World in the Fall of 2010.

Advantages of Mizuno

  •  Mizuno shoes provide great support and cushioning for runners without tacking on a ton of extra weight.
  • Although I don’t know a ton of runners who run in Mizuno, those who do seem happy with their shoes.  They love the lightweight mesh upper and love that the shoe looks stylish and slick.
  • Mizunos Run with Us is a mobile precision fit lab that travels the United States helping match individuals with the shoes meant for them.  It’s a grassroots marketing move that shows Mizuno’s overall innovative means for doing business.

Disadvantages of Mizuno

  • While the shoes Mizuno makes tend to please, a select few feel that Mizuno should branch out with new styles and designs.
  • When Mizuno came out with the Wave Alchemy 10 some runners complained that that a seam change created blisters in their pinkie toe.  The problem seems specific to certain camps though, so try them on and see how they work for you.

Overall Comfort

There’s no doubt about it, Mizuno makes a comfortable, lightweight shoe that’s agreeable to most people.  The brand seems to excel in the realm of stability and mtion control shoes and provides excellent cushioning for distance runners.