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Brooks started as a brand for ice skates and cleated shoes in 1914 but didn’t really hit mainstream recognition until it began making running shoes in the 1970s.  In the late 1970s it got recognition as one of the best running shoe brands in existence.  People expected to see the brand skyrocket in popularity the way Nike did but instead the Brooks became a sort of niche brand for runners.

Price Range

Brooks running shoes range anywhere from $85 to $140 for men and women.  One of the least expensive running shoes in their lineup is the Summon 2, a lightweight neutral running shoe with built in stability and a solid and elegant but understated design.  The Switch 3 is an equally affordable shoe with a Guidance fit and smooth support.

Runners willing to spend a bit more money can splurge on the $140 Trance 9, a support shoe with a biodegradable sole, Progressive Diagonal Rollbar and great comfort features that are best for moderate overpronators.

Most Popular Models

There are three major models in the Brooks lineup that are extremely popular amongst distance runners.  The first is the Glycerin 8, a shoe that was named the Runner’s World Editor’s Choice in Spring of 2010.  The shoe features a first-of-its-kind DNA technology that customizes the cushioning of the run to each runner.  The Glycerin 8 is available in different widths for both men and women, and works best for neutral runners.

The Adrenaline GTS is also available in both men and women’s sizes.  Its support design is extremely effective and the shoe won the Runner’s World Best Update Award in the Winter of 2010.  It’s also nice to know that these shoes have a biodegradable midsole and the shoelaces are made of recycled materials.

Brooks other most popular model is the Ravenna.  Made for both men and women, this shoe is easy on the heels and known for solving a lot of runner’s injury issues.  It also features the recycled shoelaces and biodegradable midsole.

Advantages of Brooks

  • Brooks is a reputable brand in the world of running.  It’s first class about the way it does business and well known in the running community.
  • The brand does a great job making the consumer aware of what shoe is best for every kind of runner.
  • The Brooks Inspire Daily Program recognizes loyal customers and people who inspire others to run.  It’s a great program that builds brand morale and effectively gathers runners around inspiring ideas.
  • Brooks is a leader in environmentally friendly design.  Their Green Silence is a light weight running shoe that uses soy based inks, recycled materials, and a biodegradable sole.
  • Brooks developed the first Biodegradable Midsole Technology (BioMoGo) and then released their advanced technology for use by any other shoe company that wants to take advantage of its environmentally friendly innovations.

Disadvantages of Brooks

  • Some reviews have pointed to the fact that Brooks shoes don’t boast the best overall cushioning for runners.

Overall Comfort

Brooks shoes are known for having a sort of cult following that comes from their great design, progressive environmental stance and overall comfort.  Brooks knows how to make a great running shoe that lasts.