They say one of the best methods for staying motivated as a runner is to follow the running scene.  Surround yourself with runners and running culture that not only keeps you running, but also keeps you in the know.  Here is our list of 100 great Twitter feeds to follow as a runner.

Pro Runners

1. @ScottyBauhs Scotty is an Adidas and GUI sponsored runner who tweets about training, sportsl, and the overall life of a pro runner.
Sample Tweet: In a bus hoping to make it to Falmouth. Thunderstorms in Chicago yesterday. Accident on the road today. pro running in a nutshell. 🙂

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2. @UsainBolt Three time Olympic Gold Medalist and record holder in the 100m and 200m Usain Bolt calls himself “the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen.”  Still, his tweets are just as cocky.
Sample Tweet: In Boston airport flight cancel not cool need to go home like now miss mi bed 🙂

3. @djritzenhein Dathan is a professional long distance runner who blogs about his experiences.  He also just had a son.
Sample Tweet: New York City Marathon is the next big challenge for me! check out my thoughts

4. @RunMeb Meb Keflezighi is the former American record holder for the 10,000 meters, an NYC Marathon Champion and Olympic silver medalist.  He tweets a lot about training, traveling, and his public appearances.
Sample Tweet: Ups!, I am still cold & shaking. I used to do 25mi a wk in high school. Now, I am doing it in 1 day. On Sunday, it will be in 1 run.

5. @KerronClement Kerron is one of the most prolific runner’s on Twitter.  Sometimes he tweets up to ten times per day, but when the Olympic gold medalist talks almost 3,000 people are listening.
Sample Tweet: Random: I am listenin to Christmas music haha.. I don’t think I need to mention the artist, coz folks who know me know who I’m talking about

6. @ScottJurek Scott is a friendly, thought provoking voice on Twitter.  He’s also the U.S. record holder for the 24-hour distance race (165.25 miles) and a faithful vegan.
Sample Tweet: A question I ask myself often: Is it wrong to drive to run? Tony Krupicka philosophizes:

7. @LaurenFleshman Lauren is a Nike Oregon Track Club Elite Runner and the US 500m Outdoor champ.  Her tweets are fun and detailed right to the last interval.
Sample Tweet: How the last race shook out for me! Hyde Park 5k baby, the deets: #fb

8. @iJoshCox Josh is the US 50K record holder.  He’s also writing a book and was once a contestant on The Bachelorette.  Quite a character if I may say the least.
Sample Tweet: Solid tempo @ Green Church. 14 miles 4 the#weekendworkout. Now, these hip & quad stretches:

9. @ChrisSolinsky Chris is the American 10,000m record holder with an unusually revealing Twitter.  He’s insightful and personal, a must follow.
Sample Tweet: Offseason training=long, lonely, unmarked trail runs. Just found something to make them a little less lonely: (cont)

10. @ShannonRowbury Shannon is an Olympic runner who tweets a lot about food, training, and San Francisco.  She’s also great about taking photos of where she is and what she’s up to.
Sample Tweet: I am staying at CitizenM. Super modern & really cool. Except for the creepy stuffed animal they left in my room…

11. @AlyssonFelix Alysson is another one of the few extremely prolific runners on Twitter.  Most of her tweets are @ replies which means she’s one of the most accessible Olympians and World Champion runners out there.
Sample Tweet: Bumped into @Alysia800 at In N Out. There is nothin like offseason! #doubledouble


Running Experts and Industry Gurus

12. @Fitness Amy Mac is a certified personal trainer with a bestseller behind her name.  Her tweets are mostly about eating and she interacts with her followers a lot.
Sample Tweet: Which is Better: A Doughnut or Skipping Breakfast?… i can’t believe i agree that the donut is the winner! you?

13. @KaraMohr Kara is a weight loss expert with a PhD in Exercise Physiology who tweets in a friendly, inspiring voice.  Just be prepared to compare your breakfast to her blueberries and raspberries drizzled with almond butter and unsweetened coconut.Sample Tweet: about to watch @drchrismohr on Wave 3 Sunrise talking about healthy superbowl snacks. My all time fave is guacamole!

14. @AmandaVogel Amanda has been active in the fitness industry for more than 14 years as an instructor, presenter and manager.  She also holds a Masters in Human Kinetics and shares her knowledge as a consistent Twitterer and magazine writer.
Sample Tweet: Still researching for women’s mag article: Ur fave fitness gear/products-not body weight exercise-for traveling and tossing in a suitcase.

15. @JamesKerrison James Kerrison is an Aussie based runner and fat loss guru with a tendency to engage with people on Twitter and a blog that’s starting to get more attention.
Sample Tweet: Just launched a new site, let me know what you think –>

16. @CraigBallantyne Craig is a the creator of Turbulance Training.  His tweets are often about working out, fitness blogging, and inspirational quotes.
Sample Tweet: @BradPilon – top 20 weird things about bodybuilding would be a heck of a blog post. stop making gummy bears into basketballs and do that.

17. @LivintheFitLife Kimberly Linton is a corporate America escapee and ex bodybuilder who runs boot camps in the DC area.  Her tweets are include information about food, her clients, and the occasional commentary on current events.
Sample Tweet: Kurt just gave my breakfast a weird stare…3/4c crunch cheerios + yoplait greek yogurt. He’s got French toast + sausage. I like my food yo!

18. @NoelLyons Noel is a fitness expert and tech guy who knows a lot about pro fitness marketing.  If you follow him expect some selling tips and quotes from some of the greatest minds.
Sample Tweet: @FitnessMaster A mantra for the “Forever Fit” FitnessMaster perhaps – Forever is composed of Nows! Emily Dickinson#quote

19. @DaveSoucy Dave is an information powerhouse who is known for breaking fitness myths.  He’s also a tech guy who tweets about everyday life.
Sample Tweet: I’ve decided reading books on an iPad is very cool.

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20. @FitProSarah Sarah Rippel is a trainer with a penchant for outdoors one-on-one training without the big box gyms.  She’s great about posting training videos and talks a lot about blogging.
Sample Tweet: I don’t seem to promote my first Ebook much, but people still keep buying it! This is the start of something big!…

21. @JoeGigantino Joe is a motivating fitness entrepreneur who motivates his followers with quotes, trainging tips, and a whole lot of interaction.
Sample Tweet: BTW, are u guys following one of my assistants @TheHeatherHeise … if not give her a shout out, she is new to Twitter, lets put her to work

22. @MissWall Melissa is a women’s fat loss expert who has dedicated her life to helping women get flat abs.  She also tweets about shopping and nutrition.
Sample Tweet: Just bought my grassfed meat for the week! After seeing Food Inc it’s the only way I can eat

23. @JennyDiDonato Jenny is a Made Fit TV guru who tweets a lot about her show, publicity, as well as life.
Sample Tweet: How to Achieve the Right Goals for YOU, Part 1 – Made Fit TV – Ep. 113

24. @StrongSarah Sarah is a kettlebell trainer and overall fitness guru who tweets a lot about her life as well as her blog.
Sample Tweet: Updated strongersarah blog with my thoughts on the recon. “Not bad!”

25. @CarolineK250 Caroline is an English fitness and nutrition coach who delivers fitness tips like water.
Sample Tweet: Fit Body Fix is not this:, it is all that this isn’t: support, nutrition and more!

26. @MSJAthletics Coach Meg is a diverse cross training coach who blogs about fitness.  She’s also a graduate student and constant tweeter.
Sample Tweet: RT @NYC_CoachO: It’s not the work that’s hard, it’s the discipline. –Anonymous

27. @TSAppora Stephanie is a fitness fanatic and longtime yoga practitioner.  She tweets a lot about food, blog posts, and her new athletic gear.
Sample Tweet: I don’t think #locavores have it completely wrong. Another perspective on Budiansky op-ed: #DrEades

28. @Fitness4Her Karen is an inspiring voice that helps women meet their diet and fitness goals.  She posts a lot of recipes and quotes, as well as some training tips.
Sample Tweet: A good rule is that during the exercise program, your muscles should feel challenged but not struggling. #quote

29. @MissFitBC Angelique is a fitness model and health columnist who provides great weekly fitness tips and a lot of interaction between other users.
Sample Tweet: So I decided to compete again! Sandra Wickham in 8 weeks!

Runners Who Blog and Tweet Their Experiences

30. @NYDNRunning New York Daily News writer Lauren Johnston tweets about her running experiences and training for her first marathon.  She’s a great friendly voice and great local feed to follow if you’re a New Yorker.
Sample Tweet: Now THIS is #running weather people! Beautiful morning in NYC! enjoy #ingnation #ingnycm #nyrr

31. @BrennanAnnie is a mother who runs, swims and bikes.  She’s also a constant motivation.  Her training tweets are always inspiring.
Sample Tweet: Ran 12.4 miles in 2 hours and 32 mins and felt great. Okay, in my defense this was a trail run and a hell of a trail…

32. @CoupleOnTheRun Andrew and Sue are a couple who joint tweet on this account.  Their tweets reveal the pure joy of running.  These two are also great about communicating with other runners via Twitter.
Sample Tweet: Thanks to the everyone who did a great job with the Shepparton #marathon today. A last minute change of course due to flood worked well.

33. @MamacitaTri is a military wife and triathalete who talks a lot about her training and life as a mother.  She’s also a fan of the Twilight Series.
Sample Tweet: Rode 17.69 miles in 1 hour and 19 mins and felt tired. Went into this workout with a negative attitude, exhausted, b…

34. @BklynRunner is a Brooklyn based runner and blogger who provides Constanta training tips and marathon recaps.  She’s also quite candid on her blog and sometimes has the mouth of a sailor.
Sample Tweet: Raging Bitch ~

35. @PinkChickRunner Dawn started tri-athalons at age 55 and she’s constantly providing fun inspiration.  She is also racing in her underwear for cancer research.
Sample Tweet: Twas a fun filled family day at COP. Now I’m off to Diana Ross with a friend. Hopefully not out too late as I have a 10k race in the AM.

36. @RgulrJoeRunning Joe is a runner who tweets to connect with the network of runners out there.  He’s friendly, inspiring, and a great voice for running.
Sample Tweet: @karinmp They’re really starting to work away at me. I used to hate A.M. running, but the more I do it, the more I like it.

37. @RunMikeRun Mike is an engineer training for his first half marathon.  He’s funny, grounded, down to earth, and a great inspiration on a daily basis.
Sample Tweet: Visualizing the route for my long run tomorrow. #exciting

38. @Run_Girl_Run Jess is a social media fanatic and news lover who tweets about her experience as a runner.  She’s also a news junkie and a Terps fan.
Sample Tweet: That’s my plan RT @TryingToHeal: suggestions: just finished training for a 1/2 mary, should i keep going and start training for a full?

39. @iRun2BeFit This Twitter user is training for her first marathon.  Her tweets are matter of fact, entertaining, and pretty inspiring.
Sample Tweet: I don’t think my upstairs neighbor appreciates my using the treadmill. I don’t appreciate his noisey pug though. So we’re even.

40. @RunningLam The Running Laminator is a NYC based runner and blogger who provides great race updates and a plethora of knowledge for NYC based runners in particular.
Sample Tweet: I’m at Madison Square Park (23rd St to 26th St, btw 5th & Madison, New York) w/ 5 others.

41. @RunningBecause David is a runner who makes a living writing.  A definite pro and must follow.
Sample Tweet: @halfofjess u may get a lot of people who agree w/u, but I think u should have goals for a race. They don’t have to be related to time

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42. @SeattleRunnGirl This beginner runner is getting in shape and tweeting every step of the way.  She’s a very friendly, interactive voice on the scene.
Sample Tweet: @AHealthyDad @265andfalling Start now, guys. Everything important we started at some point. Draw the line in the sand TODAY.

43. @RunAttitude Michelle is a beginner runner, foodie and entrepreneur who always lends an encouraging tweet to anyone in the running scene.
Sample Tweet: @MollySBaker Good luck!! I know you’ll rock it! And remember to have fun 🙂

44. @iRunnerBlog This NYC based running blogger talks about his races, his life, and provides quite a few runners’ tips while he’s at it.
Sample Tweet: Runner Therapy: Drop the Weight, Drop the Time #running

45. @RunnerNYC This New York City based runner is a great inspiration for all runners but of particular note in the NYC scene.  She’ll keep you motivated to run as well as constantly remind you why the city is such a magical place to be.
Sample Tweet: I moved to NYC 5 years ago & on perfect days like today there is no other place on the planet I would rather be. #Ilovenyc

46. @RunPDX This mom and runner has a husband who participates in IronMan.  She writes about runs, her kids, and life in general.
Sample Tweet: Anyone else in PDX area racing Warrior Dash this wkend?

47. @IdiotRunner If you’ve ever felt like you were the last person on the earth meant to run, let IdiotRunner be your guide.  This runner used to smoke and still drinks, but is getting in shape and is serious about the journey.
Sample Tweet: @TheBeerRunner haha. that’s equal parts awesome and terrifying 🙂

48. @AndSoiRan This health blogger and serious runner provides great tips for runners at all stages of training.  Claudia is also great about connecting with the running community and offering a good book recommendation here and there.
Sample Tweet: @runnrgrl taking a 2wk running break maybe that will help with IT Band, other then that doing great. how are you?

49. @RunUltras Donna is a marathon veteran and overall fitness guru who shares her tips via Twitter.
Sample Tweet: I am doing this – join me!! 21-Day Vegan Kickstart / a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) site

50. @FatMenRunning These Georgia based guys call themselves too fat to run but they’re doing it anyway.  Jack is the guy who leads the way on these tweets and from what you can tell from his Twitter, he might be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.
Sample Tweet: Just finished a 5 mile race with my son. he placed in his age group. Congrats Liam!

51. @SeeKrisRun This Dallas, Texas based healthcare recruiter and runner is serious about training but also takes the time to check up on the running community as a whole.  She always has an encouraging word to send to others as well as some great music recommendations.
Sample Tweet: Best looking thing I have seen all day RT @robbenefiel: @RunnerGrrl96 @seekrisrun Breakfast of champions.

52. @RunJohneRun John is training for the Boston Marathon and sharing his experience.  He also offers a few tips along the way.
Sample Tweet: I have run at least 6 miles/day every day this month. The 6 this morning followed all of 3 hours sleep. I ti ti!

53. @TriciaRunning Tricia is a beginner runner and mom blogger who is taking the community by storm.  She’s just getting into longer distances and it’s fun to watch her progress.
Sample Tweet: Running my first 15 miler tomorrow. Mentally preparing.

54. @RunnersRambles Aron is an encouraging runner who loves what she does and tweets about it fairly consistently.
Sample Tweet: Gorgeous 60 mile ride around West Maui. Definitely had to work for this view but it was so worth it.

55. @Lucky7Runner Jamie is a graphic design student who is addicted to running.  She’s a sort of  perfect mashup of both worlds with equal parts design tweets and tweets about running.
Sample Tweet: 40 Stunningly Creative Resume Designs on DeviantArt via @1stwebdesigner

56. @RunnerKelly Kelly is an experienced marathon runner with a passion for healthy living. Her tweets are very open and honest.
Sample Tweet: You totally ROCK! RT @bamarunner11: Ran 17.23 miles in 2 hours and 14 mins and 58 secs and felt epic.

Companies and Organizations

57. @HalfMarathons This Twitter account is the ultimate guide to half marathons around the world.  In addition to providing great upcoming runs, it also offers a solid set of training tips.
Sample Tweet: Run thru the TX Hill Country & enjoy wine tasting after the race at the Spicewood Vineyards #HalfMarathon, on 12/4 ->

58. @RunningTimes This online magazine shares their content on Twitter in a personable, approachable voice.
Sample Tweet: What’s most important to you at a race? We’ve put up a survey that we’ll use the results from in interviewing race…

59. @FloTrack This authoritative Twitter voice provides expert coverage, pro videos, behind the scenes interviews, and lots of need to know information on the world of track and field.
Sample Tweet: Alan Webb interview from Milan up on Flotrack

60. @B_A_A Because every distance runner needs to know everything about the Boston Marathon, we’ve connected you to their official account.
Sample Tweet: Special thanks to the Half Marathon registrants who came to our first training clinic last night at Marathon…

61. @NYRunningCo This NYC owned and operated store organizes group runs and tweets a lot about great gear for runners.

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62. @TeamStrands This group of college graduates have Olympic aspirations.  Share their journey and follow their informative stream for interesting running related content.
Sample Tweet: Article about social media and running from Mackenzie Lobby on Running Times online….

63. @RunnersWorld This tried and true resource has been a standby in the running world.  Check out their Twitter. You won’t regret it.
Sample Tweet: RT @exerscience Increased dietary protein reduces psychological stress, may improve performance during intense training

64. @65MilesForKids Alex is a marathon runner going the extra mile to raise funds and awareness for health and education charities.  After significantly changing his own lifestyle he is doing his part to educate and empower others to make healthy choices.Sample Tweet:  Study supports goverment case to tax sugar-sweetened beverages and curb sugar related diseases

65. @INGRunnerNation ING is a great forum to see what’s going on around the country. They feature key re-tweets, great running tips and are of course the sponsor of the NYC Marathon.
Sample Tweet: Indeed! RT @FerdBurfel: When you haven’t run in forever a mile feels like the @INGNYCMarathon. #ingnation

66. @NewBalBoston A loyal post-collegiate New Balance running group in the Boston-area that trains to compete in races throughout New England.  Charming to say the least, this group not only posts personal records but is also eager to show you around the area.
Sample Tweet: @NicoleBBush Thanks for the follow, Nicole! If you’re ever in Boston, please let Dan or myself know and we can show you some great runs!

67.  @worldrunday Not only can you come here for your count down to Running Day but you can also find running facts, great tips and key dates for the next road race or marathon.  Also find great discounts on race registrations.
Sample Tweet: See you at The Boston Marathon Expo! Mention this Tweet to me and get a 25% Discount coupon for registration!

68. @GlobeMarathon Get the latest marathon news and instant updates on race day from The Boston Globe.
Sample Tweet: Boston Marathon director receives award -

69. @MSRuntheUS Follow Ashley, the founder of the run across America for MS, for pictures and inspiration along her journey.
Sample Tweet: I look awkwardly excited for this Duck tour…just realized I’m wearing ALL yellow…even my watch…

70. @Cool_Running Find tips to eating right and staying fit no matter your running ability from the couch-to-5k plan creators.
Sample Tweet: Increase speed and reach goals without using performance-enhancing drugs:

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71. @activenetwork A great resource that tackles just about everything from dealing with injuries to healthy eating tips to upcoming race information.
Sample Tweet: Dealing with shin splints after jumping back into exercise -

72. @GiveYourSole After donating your athletic shoes to this inspiring charity read tweets about those who are grateful for your contributions and find out other ways you can help.Sample Tweet: – Thanks to @RunRockNRoll & all who donated shoes in Chicago Gina at @Brkthru got a pair of shoes!

73. TNT_SFBayArea Follow the official San Francisco Team in Training feed to find events to show your support and hear about why Team in Training may be a great way to help motivate you.
Sample Tweet:  Green (and purple!) with envy at all of our runners who are en route to Kaua’i for the Half Marathon this weekend!…

74. @nyrr New York Road Runners is an exhaustive resource specifically for distance runners.  Find classes, road race information, and great articles.
Sample Tweet:  @LaundryinHeels we’re kicking it into high gear at NYRR HQ. We have some fun things planned between now and Nov 7!

75. @brooksrunning Get live updates from Brooks Sports on their newest technological advances and track the Run Happy Tour.
Sample Tweet: Check it out! RT @BrooksGuru4 Get ready for the @Brooksrunning @Runhappytour hitting DC this PM at @FleetfeetDC from 3-8! Come Play! 🙂