Foot problems are not exactly an issue that anyone ever cares to have. If your feet hurt, you daily life — work, play, and rest — can be severely impacted.

Many foot problems arise out of simple neglect. It is not everyday as people that we really think about the health and well being of our feet.

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There are many different kinds of foot problems from plantar faciitis, bunions, to insufficient potassium levels leading to foot cramps they all have one thing in common. They hurt and they make your life miserable. Some foot problems have extremely simple fixes while others can require expensive orthodics and even surgery.

1 Athletes Foot

Most common problems such as athletes foot can be caused by just not doing the simple things. By not taking the time to dry your feet and make sure that your socks and shoes are dry you are inviting a painful problem into your life.

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot: However, athletes foot is easily avoided and also fairly easily treated. Most any drug store you walk into will have an over the counter solution to your foot ailment. Since athlete’s foot is in fact a fungus, you can buy some anti-fungal cream at any drugstore that will get rid of it in a few weeks time. Keep in mind though the conditions that cause Athlete’s Foot are warm, moist enviroments. So for best results and to prevent a occurrence, you need to keep your feet DRY as possible. This means you may need to replace your shoes with more ventilated ones and wear bare feet where possible (which keeps your feet drier).

2 Bunions

Bunions are another common foot problem. A bunion can be simply described. When your big toe points abnormally towards your second toe and thus causes a bump on the outside of the big toe. Bunions can have simple solutions or, if they go untreated can require surgery.

Diagnosing a bunion is easy to do. Simply look down and see if your big toe points toward your second toe. If it does and there is a bump or any type of pain or discomfort in the big toe odds are you have a bunion.

How to Treat Bunions: To begin treating it the first step is stop wearing narrow shoes. Wear shoes that allow your toes some space. You may want to get a foam pad to protect the toe as well. If the problem persists you need to see a doctor and have them diagnose the issue. You may need surgery to solve the problem .

3 Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar faciitis is an issue not so easily treated. Plantar Faciitis is a painful inflammation of the foot. It causes swelling, discomfort, and even bone spurs. While there are many treatments, there are not really any low cost cures.

How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis: This is not an easy question to answer and the treatment could involve a number of different strategies. First of all you need to get a proper diagnosis. Going to see your doctor is the first step in getting some comfort back in your life. You can also self-diagnose too since there pain of plantar fasciitis is very specific and in a very precise location (and it doesn’t go away unless you take some serious affirmative action). From this point one should seek out a company that makes a good orthodic. This is an insert that goes in your shoe that helps correct the problem and relieve the pain. Incidentally aside from orthodics your only other proven option is foot surgery. This should be your last option however because the procedure is quite complicated and can lead to things like nerve damage in your feet.

The Final Word

We’ve looked at three common foot pain conditions. But there’s many many more. If you’ve ever had foot pain you’ll know that no matter if your foot problem is big or small any issue can cause severe discomfort in your feet.

The key thing to remember is that the best treatment is prevention and if that does not work than quick treatment to take care of the issue is your best option. The longer you wait the more problems you allow to happen.

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